My Story

Growing up in the countryside of a Southeast Asian country, my childhood revolved around tropical climate, rainy weather, and scorching hot summers. Although the weather seemed to be unpleasant, Mother Nature, on the other hand, was very generous to the Vietnamese people. Being geographically located in the tropical zone, Vietnam is without a doubt a heaven when it comes to fruits and vegetables. According to our belief, since these ultra-fresh ingredients are precious gifts from the gods, we must express our gratitude by making as much food as possible instead of wasting them, and this is one of the reasons why the Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its variety of heart-warming comfort foods and delightful desserts.

I have always been passionate about making mouth-watering desserts and connecting with people. My love and passion for desserts started when I was a child. Since my parents were always busy with their jobs and the family business, my older sisters and I often spent a lot of time together doing chores around the house so our parents did not have to worry about it after a tiresome day. As the youngest child, my task was easier and less heavy than those of my older sisters. Most of the time, my sisters were responsible for cooking and preparing the main course, and I was responsible for making dessert. As of this point, some of you may find it is hard to believe that we had to do the cooking for the whole family even though we were just kids, but this was the norm in my country back in the days. Starting with easier recipes, I gradually worked my skills up to more complex ones. As I started a new life in the United States, I do not get to spend time with my family like we used to do. I often miss the times when after finishing the main course, we start to dig through the colorful dessert I made for the family. Some days it tastes better than the others, but my parents always complement it no matter what, and those were the most beautiful times we got to spend together. 

Recently, as I made more friends from both school and work, I realized that I am not the only one who misses the familiar tastes of their soul foods. According to many of my colleagues, dessert was also the biggest part to remind them of the sweetest memories they spent with their families. Though we are away from our family, my friends and I often gather on special occasions and share our own ethnic foods or desserts with each other. By enjoying one another’s food, I can see that the bonds between us grow stronger each time. 

Based on this experience, I have decided to start researching and sharing dessert recipes around the world through this blog with the hope to connect with people from all over the world. I believe that comfort food has the power to bring people closer from one culture to another. I hope you will join me on this journey so we can explore the wonderful world of desserts together. 

Quick question, what would you like for dessert?

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